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ST (DogsHeaven Special Tasks)

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 23rd February 2014 in Asteroid Follow-up, Supernova and Nova Follow-up, Variables
The (ST) DogsHeaven Special Tasks operates using a 20 in telescope. It is the most powerful telescope and it is designed to take images from occultations, deep sky, spectroscopy low and high resolution. First Level
  • (MAG Telescope) 20 inches (50cm) Newtonian on a Chronos HD32HPO mount
  • F4.3 – 2230mm FL
  • Camera ST8  1520×1040 pixels 9u
  • Scale 0.8 arcsec/pixel
  • Field 32×20 arcmin
  • Spectroscope LHIRESIII and DSS7 SBIG

MAG Telescope tel2.

WDS (DogsHeaven Widefield Survey)

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 25th January 2014 in Asteroid Search, Nova Search, Recent Posts, Variables
The (WDS) DogsHeaven Widefield Survey operates using two setups First Level
  • (NICK Telescope) 14 inches (35cm) SCT on a Skywatcher EQ8 mount
  • F1.9 – 670mm FL
  • Camera T3i  5184×3456 pixels 4.3u ( will be replaced by QHY8L CCD )
  • Scale 1.3 arcsec/pixel
  • Field 76×114 arcmin
  • Exposures 180 seconds unguided
Second Level
  • WO FLT98 APO (98mm 600mm FL) (XANA Telescope) Canon 100-400mm ISLM  on a AZEQ6 mount
  • F4.5 – 100mm FL
  • Camera T3i  5184×3456 pixels 4.3u ( will be replaced by StarShoot PRO V2 )Scale 9 arcsec/pixel
  • Field 8.5 x 12 degrees
  • Exposures 60 seconds unguided
This survey is capable to find and track Asteroids, Comets and Variables.

NICK telescope


XANA Telescope