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ST (DogsHeaven Special Tasks)

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 23rd February 2014 in Asteroid Follow-up, Supernova and Nova Follow-up, Variables
The (ST) DogsHeaven Special Tasks operates using a 20 in telescope. It is the most powerful telescope and it is designed to take images from occultations, deep sky, spectroscopy low and high resolution. First Level
  • (MAG Telescope) 20 inches (50cm) Newtonian on a Chronos HD32HPO mount
  • F4.3 – 2230mm FL
  • Camera ST8  1520×1040 pixels 9u
  • Scale 0.8 arcsec/pixel
  • Field 32×20 arcmin
  • Spectroscope LHIRESIII and DSS7 SBIG

MAG Telescope tel2.