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Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689 with a 50cm reflector

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 29th May 2016 in Galaxy Clusters, Images, Recent Posts, Universe
Compared with DSSII and Hubble. We can notice parts of gravitational lens

First Image HyperstarIII C14. Fornax Galaxy Cluster

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 28th December 2013 in Galaxies, Galaxy Clusters, Instruments, Recent Posts
This image is a 5×60 seconds exposure. Bad work of background normalisation. Hyperstar has some vignetting in APS-C. That way I think is unusable with a full frame. The FL measured was 680.1 mm, FL F1.91. Collimation was a first try. Ive not tweaked to better images. Also camera cable was loose on the telescope and this caused too the unround stars.

This is the full image.

NGC3199 Final Fornax Cluster  

Now we can see a detail on NGC1399.


More details on galaxies of the group


Aberration maps of the corners and center. Scale is 1.3 arcsec pixel