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Building a ALLSKY Camera with a QHY5L-II

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 23rd February 2014 in ATM, Instruments, Recent Posts

1. Why ?

I was thinking for a long time to have an allsky camera. The main interests were meteors, meteorology, airplanes or birds passing by and, naturally, UFOs. The price of allsky cameras were expensive and software tailor made for some specific applications. Low resolutions (up to 640×480 but usually less), a price target around or over $1k made me think twice.

This was until I’ve seen QHY5L-II camera. A very cheap one, with a resolution of 1280×960, USB2, can be used as autoguider and exposures can be over 30 seconds. I’ve seen at QHYCCD site that they had a kit with an all-sky lens. I’ve bought the kit but the lens they sent was a much narrower (70deg). I’ve asked US representative but he could not understand my requirements. Then I’ve asked the representative in brazil and he got for some 70$ the lens for me.

This is the camera
This is the wrong lens sent by Astrofactors US
This is the correct lens sent by Brazilian Representative

The build is very simple. It is a CCD wrap up with a plastic used for food storage to protect from rain. I’ve fixed on the weather station as picture below




allskyCA38KU3P depolarCAHUWVRB