20 inch (50cm) Reflector Ready

Posted by Paulo Cacella on 5th January 2014 in Instruments, Observatory, Recent Posts, Serrurier 20in (50cm) Reflector
I´ve finished today the reflector. The design was a Serrurier Truss (the same as Palomar Observatory). The first night at theobservatory with a reak sky was perfect. The telescope performed flawlessly, maintened collimation, impressive images of Jupiter, Eta Carinae Nebula, Open Clusters etc.

Telescope is setup on a Chronosmount HPO. The mount is capable of a 250 pounds differential load. This means that it can handle Telescope and acessories without a counterweight.

The telescope structure was manufactured in two days. I´ve used aluminum and proper tools and bolts. Alot of patience too.

Next night available I´ll test with cameras and RCC-I Baader coma corrector.


Observe in the picture below that we can see Sirius, the brightest one, to the right, Orion shines with his belt in the center and Hyades and Pleiades finishes the parade to the left.This was the sky when the telescope saw the first light. A kind of Science and Poetry.


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